I love this framed pegboard for quick and easy organization of my scissors and sewing notions. I got all the supplies at Lowe's except for the frame which came from a second hand store. 
As I planned my crafting space I knew I needed a way to organize my sewing and paper scissors for easy access during a project. I remembered seeing something like this on another blog used to organize gardening tools and adapted it for what I needed. You could easily do the same thing if you are a scrapbooker too. Make it as big or small as you need!

Materials: Old picture frame, spray paint, peg-board, picture tacks (you can get these at a craft store that sells framing supplies) to hold in the peg-board, hooks.

I picked up this old picture at a local resale shop. The frame was the perfect size but I'm not really a fan of gold:
So I ripped out the back and pitched the matting and picture and recycled the glass. I'm sure if you are more creative than I you could find a use for it.

So I was left with just the frame now. I've been trying to keep my craft area bright and colorful since it's in the basement so I picked a robins egg blue paint. I kinda like the shabby look so I just did a light coat over the frame, being sure to leave some of the gold showing through.
Then I went to Lowe's for the pegboard and even had them cut it down to the correct size for me! How handy! I didn't need to wait for my husband or use the table saw myself. They had it done for me in less than 5 minutes! Several coats of spray paint later it looked like this:
I used an antique white spray, which I love and also used to redo a chair for my craft space. I would highly recomend using primer on the peg-board. I didn't and it took lots of coats of the antique white, it just soaked in the paint!
And here it is. Finished! I love that I can quickly get to the right scissors for the job and just as quickly organize my space. I think the whole thing cost less than $40 and I splurged on my frame. If you already had a frame you can use for the job, it would be less than $30!