Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I have just returned from trip number five to Romania to visit my friends who work in the orphanages there and my friends who live in the orphanages there. After 5 years it is such a joy to jump out of the van into a sea of smothering hugs and kisses of children I love who are happy to see me again. It was such a joy to have my 10 year old son Ryan with me this year. He loved the orphanages and like me can't wait to go again.
It was wonderful to see the orphanage through his eyes. As a child he didn't really fixate on the problems; the  dirty clothes and hands, the below standard (according to American standards) living conditions, the lack of adult love, care, and supervision, and the abandonment that haunts me. He just saw kids like him. Kids who love to play outside on a spring day, kids who love to explore an abandoned house, kids who love the hugs of adults in their lives, kids who like Oreo cookies and music class, and especially kids who need the love of a Savior, just like my son. What a great reminder!